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Mixed media installation
Video/film documentation: Andrei Petrea
Work selected for Contextile/ 2020
Início | Contextile 2020 | Bienal de Arte Têxtil Contemporânea

Compact plant material (leaves), textile tapes, wooden plywood, clay, metal, pad (for video movie), headphones
Mixed media installation

The visual discourse refers to the memory of a place once fundamentally for each man, his birthplace.
The vegetal material – a conglomerate from leaves is assembled in a recuperative – symbolic manner.
The evoked / suggested place represents the individual, the family and the community from which the author belonged / belongs.
The leaves are a symbol for the people of the neighboring villages with the author birthplace,Plopeni (Suceava).
People (leaves) are collected (compressed, compacted) in bales (figurating the villages, municipalities / localities) serrated (wrapped / packed / regimented) on the porch of the house from Dumbrăveni (Suceava county, Romania).
Compaction of the leaves in stretch foil does not bring / promise anything good, because the symbol, the leaf, is at the end of the road, has fulfilled its last existential quality, its individual trait.
This type of “preservation / preservation” suffocates the natural material and in the end, everything becomes a compost.
The tradition and the people of the villages, today, come to be regarded as a consumer product associated with the current policies of globalization.

Do we really want this? – is the question we ask the recipients of the meanings of this work.